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 Committed to Excellence

Ajay Mathur M.D. has been a practicing anesthesiologist for over 15 years, and has working in the healthcare industry for over 20 years with extensive experience on both the medical and the business sides of healthcare. Dr. Mathur received invaluable training at some of the top institutions of the world, including Texas Medical Center at hospitals such as the DeBakey Heart Center, the Texas Heart Institute, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, and Texas Children’s Hospital. He has performed anesthetics in over 20,000 cases in a wide variety of case types and settings, including open heart surgery, neurologic surgery, obstetric cases and surgery, pediatric surgery, and regional anesthesia cases. He has performed anesthetics in over 30 hospitals, surgery centers, and offices. As a result, he is well trained in all aspects of his specialty, and not just aware of the complications that may arise from technical aspects of anesthesia or administering anesthetic drugs, but also understands the pharmacology, the potential dangers of drugs, and possible harmful interactions.


Dr. Mathur previously worked as a consultant to various hedge funds and private equity firms, performing detailed research, valuations, and providing investment recommendations on healthcare companies. Dr. Mathur also worked as a management consultant with Booz Allen & Hamilton, a leading global strategy consulting firm specializing in business strategy, operations, and finance consulting for the leading global Fortune 500 companies. Based in their New York office, his focus was in the Healthcare industry, including hospitals, pharmaceuticals, health insurance, biotech, and medical device companies. 

Dr. Mathur earned his A.B. in Government from Harvard University, and his M.D. from the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX.


Seminars / Presentations:

Difficult Airway Management

Epidural Block in Thoracotomy

Off Pump Cardiac Surgery

Ultrasound in Regional Anesthesia

Ventilation Management in the ICU Patient

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Ajay Mathur M.D.

"Dr. Mathur's first impression on me was his professionalism and his extensive background. Once I engaged him, it became clear very quickly that he has a deep knowledge and experience in his specialty, and he has a unique ability to communicate extremely effectively. He is able to explain the medical situation, paint a picture of the legal issues and challenges at hand, and defend his opinions in a way that is easy to understand." - R.W. Florida (Counsel)

"I have been working with experts for 22 years, and I can confidently say that Dr. Mathur is the best one I have worked with. He addresses all of the issues of the case thoroughly but efficiently. More importantly, he was invaluable in preparation for trial. His expertise was far superior than the opposing attorney's expert in my case."- S.O. Nevada  (Counsel)

"Dr. Mathur was my expert in my case where my client had catastrophic brain damage from an airway injury. I would single him out as a primary reason for our success in this case. I would not hesitate to work with him again - I want him on my team!" - L.P. California (Counsel)


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